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Training Notes for Champion Account Alterations

We now allow furniture as an option for Champion account alteration redemption requests. These items are handled by Areas, or any Area-trained staff. They typically require heavy QC; therefore, direct communication to the player is often required in requesting clarification, suggesting changes, and any other details of finalizing the description before creating and presenting the item for their voucher.

This is technically supposed to entail obtaining their item and altering it (hence the term alterations) but in reality what we typically do is just create a new item and give to them. If they asked to have a specific object they already own altered, we would do this.

Some rules to follow for home items:

a bed can hold 100 pounds
a weapon or armor rack can hold 150 pounds

With some objects, you just have to use your best judgement.

tables and desks should probably hold about 60-100 pounds

Since you can't just create this and put it in a bag, since it will be flagged no-pickup, it is necessary to enter the player's home and place the item in the desired room. (A Presence-trained staff will know that anytime you enter a live game area, you should be invisible! Also remember to use the QDROP command in case a player comes by. The GM or GD should not ever appear to the player, but rather remain invisible in the background.) To find their home, use the Rooms Lookup Utility and search for their name, or ask them what the room is named they want the furniture to be placed in.

You should of course announce to the player that their item has been placed. A suggested way to do so, if they are in-game, is as follows:

pecho AREMENTA [Your champion alteration has been processed and the item is waiting for you in your home. Enjoy!]

You could also send them an email if they are not in-game at the time.

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