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 We need about 15-20 rooms per each of the numbered areas. That makes 105 to 140 rooms or so.
 If possible need them done by the end of February, but five and a half weeks may be tough to pull off. 
 Projection is that combat will be ready before then though and don't want to delay it any longer. 

The 7 New Combat Areas by level.

  • (1) Goblin Fortress -- a smallish encampment built from crude technologies, but a fort nonetheless.
    • Built for green goblins, brown goblins, goblin scouts, and goblin archers.
    • Level range 2-5. I think an offshoot of the Plains of The Martyr would be good placement.
  • (2) Orcish Territories -- a baked wasteland (not desert) of scorched battlefields and charred tree stumps between Cal'Ziz and an Orc stronghold to the north (past the barbarian guildhall).
    • Built for small kobolds, young orcs, hungry-looking orcs, and wandering orcs.
    • Level range 9-12.
  • (3) Lak'Dagrosh Stronghold -- a fortified stronghold of blackened steel and bloodstained granite walls. Looming plumes of black smoke from a bonfire or possibly a pit of labored efforts (extended hunting area?) from within and possibly seen in (2) Orcish Territories above.
    • Built for orc fighters, orc mages, and orc rangers (with some rare spawns).
    • Level range 12-14.
    The orcs fit fine north of the barb guild, can put the Lak'Dagrosh Stronghold somewhere along the east side of the mountains perhaps, about where the cactus is.
  • (4) Field of Ancients. A stone-henge-ish hilly land of towering rock bordered by mountains and great forests.
    • Built for mud golems, granite golems, and iron golems.
    • Levels 35-40.
    I'm thinking nearby stone giants (for obvious reasons), but could work elsewhere.

Areas (5), (6), and (7) are a multi-tiered area (like cricton hive, etc.) that involves a large undead

 citadel of mostly-mindless beasts and guardians.  Once used by vampires, but long since abandoned.
  • (5) Dead Vale. Pretty much how it sounds -- a lightly-wooded forest of decay and sinister wildlife, otherwise devoid of animal signs.
    • Built for skeletal sentinels, plague beasts, and marble gargoyles.
    • Levels 53-58.
  • (6) Val'skyaen Courtyard. This leads into the castle (area (7)) and should feel much more like an open graveyard than a traditional castle court.
    • Built for undead scavengers, oozing bloodguards, and flesh renders.
    • Levels 57-63.
  • (7) Val'skyaen Castle. The castle that once served for use by purebred vampires and should be well-furnished, as if they did not leave willingly, though of course the furnishings have been worn over time.
    • Built for bloodsthirsty ravagers, vampiric mauraders, and deformed geists.
    • Levels 62-68.
    Possibly located west of Semanri might be best for the castle, out on that peninsula. Prevents the use of established ferries to Telin.
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