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Areas: Rooms & Areas

Areas.ObjectNotes | Object/Item Notes:

Training Notes for Object Creation
Item max capacity and worn locations.
Stationary objects, including tables, desks, beds, chairs, etc. Instructions included for enabling SIT and LAY verbs for objects.
Foods & Drinks
Non-Dispenser, single-item foods and drinks, to sell or otherwise.
Food & Drink Dispensers
Wine carts, serving trays, etc., including flavor and container lists.
Tattoos, face paint, glitter, lipstick/makeup, and the like.
How to create items (very outdated, do not use)

Rooms References:

How to build rooms
Homes 2.0 homes
GO-Exits (a.k.a. "portals")
Lockable doors
Random room messages

Store References:

How to build stores
Notes on stores & shops
How to build custom option lists for stores
List of all stores
Equipment System 2.0, Armor
A list of armor piece descriptions for the new armor system, tiered and color-coded


Areas Projects
The Telin Area Project
The V'Rung Area Project (completed project)
7 New Hunting Areas Project

Image Maps:

Eaxia World Map
Full map of the planned Eaxia world
Liegendir Area Splitup
Shows area boundaries on the Liegendir continent
A yet-to-be-created city in southwestern Liegendir

Visio Maps:

Road from V'Rung to Bramblebrook, Part 1
Road from V'Rung to Bramblebrook, Part 2


Room Search
Database utility for searching rooms

Lore & History:

Southern Trade Confederation
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