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A list of armor piece descriptions for the new armor system, tiered and color-coded
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Level RangeLight ArmorMedium ArmorHeavy Armor
1-2clothrough leathertarnished brass
3-5padded clothrat hide leatherpolished brass
6-9rawhide leatherpatchwork leatherbrass alloy
10-15tanned leatherstudded leatherrusty iron platemail
15-20cured leatheriron chainmailstrenghtened iron platemail
20-25boiled leatheriron splintmailiron vanguard platemail
25-30conditioned leatheriron bandedmailstrenghtened iron vanguard platemail
30-35giant spider hidesteel chainmailsteel platemail
35-40sandclothsteel splintmailsteel vanguard platemail
40-50ghoul hidesteel bandedmailstrengthened steel vanguard platemail
50-60shimmersilkblackened steel chainmailblackened steel platemail
60-75jungatha hideblackened steel bandedmailblackened steel vanguard platemail
75-100glowclothcinnabar chainmailcinnabar vanguard platemail
100-115draconian hidetitanium bandedmailtitanium vanguard platemail
 Light ArmorMedium ArmorHeavy Armor
Headcap, headpiece, skullcapcirclet, coif, helmbarbute, helm, helmet, visor
Shoulderscape, cloak, shawl, shoulderpads, sleevesmantle, spaulderspauldrons, spaulders
Armsbracelets, cuffs, wristguardsbracers, armguardsbracers, gussets, vambraces
Handsgloves, mitts, wrapsgloves, handguardsgauntlets
Chesttunic, robe, shirt, vest, vestmentbreastplate, chainmail, chestguard, coatbreastplate, cuirass
Legsleggings, pantsgreaves, leggingsgreaves, jambeaux, legplates
 Light ArmorMedium ArmorHeavy Armor
Spell Failure15%35%75%
 Light ArmorMedium ArmorHeavy Armor
Head1 lbs.leather: 1 lbs., metal: 2 lbs.3 lbs.
Shoulders1 lbs.leather: 1 lbs., metal: 3 lbs.5 lbs.
Arms1 lbs.leather: 1 lbs., metal: 2 lbs.4 lbs.
Hands1 lbs.leather: 1 lbs., metal: 1 lbs.2 lbs.
Chest2 lbs.leather: 2 lbs., metal: 20 lbs.34 lbs.
Legs1 lbs.leather: 2 lbs., metal: 12 lbs.16 lbs.
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