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Areas: How to make Food and Drink Dispensers


If you're not sure how many bites or sips to make your food, 5-6 bites and 8-9 sips is appropriate; perhaps around 3 for alcoholic drinks.
Also, if you want your food/drink dispenser object to be sold in a store, include value 23 in the data 3 value 1 field, and be certain to set a price amount on the object.
IMPORTANT NOTE: if you drop a food or drink item, even the dispenser, it will disappear. You have to use the QDROP command.

Food and drink dispensers can potentially crash the game if made incorrectly. It is a simple process, and you don't have to be scared of them, but you do need to be certain that you set the values correctly as explained below.

Step 1, article/descriptor/name
These should be filled in as if you were making the food/drink that will be dispensed. As an example, some dark lager would be appropriate. This is what players will GET ("get lager").
Step 2, short description
This is how you will name the dispenser. Remember, players will not be able to see a full description of the dispenser (also called "the look"), they can only see "Looks tasty!" While you can be creative with naming the dispenser, you must also remember that it will be interacted with using the name set as the name in step one, so calling it a crystal decanter in short description and having it dispense some aged brandy isn't going to work. You could use an oaken barrel of imported dark lager.
Step 3, full/LOOK description
This is how we give the dispensed item its short description. In line with the other examples, this could be a tankard of dark lager.
Step 4, script
For dispensers, this needs to be set to the dispenser script number: 5070. For individual food/drink items you are selling in a store (not dispensers), stop using this guide and refer to how to build food and drinks.
Step 5, charges
This sets the number of times the dispenser will dispense a food or drink. To make the dispenser make an unlimited amount, use 999.
Data2 Values
These are set in the OLC-helper under the second tab, Data2 / Data3.:
(see the how to build food and drinks guide to set the preliminary data2/value1 - data2/value8 fields)
Data2/Value5 - the Script number for a dispensed food or drink. You may have a specialty script for a food or drink, and this allows for that option. Otherwise, use the general food/drink script number, which is 547.
Data2/Value6 - leave this blank or 0 for normal use, which enables the dispenser (0 = enabled, 1 = disabled)

When step 6 is completed, the item is ready to be created. Staff may enable/disable the dispenser with the POKE verb. Enabled dispensers cannot be picked up (by players or staff), as GET will spawn the food or drink. To pick one up, POKE it first to disable it.

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