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Furniture is any item players can interact with using the SIT or LAY command. Furniture may additionally act as a container to put items in it/on it/under it/behind it. Items such as a couch or chair should only be furniture a player can sit/lay on (it would not be practical to use chairs/couches as containers to place items on, though sometimes we allow beds to do both). Likewise, tables, dressers, desks, etc. would not be appropriate to sit or lay on but instead would be used to hold items, so these would be containers and NOT marked as furniture.

In order to make an object into furniture you can sit/lie upon, you must set the object's data3/value1 field to 20. You must also be sure not to turn on the pick-up flag (turning it on will cause it to fail to act as furniture). The object has to be a container, and consequently you should set the amount of weight it can contain (click the button on the first tab of the OLC-helper after you make it a container to set this number). In most cases the object does not necessarily need to have weight, as a player would not ever be picking this object up, nor would they purchase furniture from a typical store. If you were making a table, you'd make the container closed (you can't open a regular table, but you can put stuff on it). If you were making a desk or dresser or such, you would allow it to be opened or closed so people can put stuff in it.

If the furniture item you are building is to be used in a home, please see the red text in the Homes 2.0 homes guide.

Selling furniture items in a store requires special handling. If you want a store to sell an item that (a) cannot be picked up and (b) optionally can be SIT or LAY'ed on, data3/value1 is instead set to 179 (and data3/value8 should be set to 20). The store script recognizes this and will put the furniture into a delivery queue system for the player to retrieve later automatically.

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