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You need to do these steps for the room on either side of the door that is to be locked, such as the room in the hallway, and the actual inside of the room itself.

Object data for _door_info (DO NOT DELETE - controls door locking features in this room):
Object ID: 67202
Ar/Ds/Nm: ' ' '_door_info'
Script: 0
There are no items inside of it.
Data1: 0 0 0 8 14 0 0 0
Data2: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Data3: 0 1 2767 0 10167 0 0 0
LOOK: 'round wooden door'
READ: 'the Semanri bank'

Description: has to be the name of the doorway minus the article (wooden door), and it must be a door (no arches, etc).

Read: the name of the entry that they're entering including the article (the Semanri bank).

data 3/value 1 needs to ALWAYS be 0
data 3/value 2 is the lock ID (see the list to the right)
data 3/value 3 is the room # that this door will lead to (you do not need GO exits in these rooms)
data 3/value 4 determines whether or not you can lock/unlock the door from this side of the door (0=no, 1=yes)
data 3/value 5 is where to place the room script # if the room already has a room script (passthrough room script)

(1) Find an ID that hasn't been used yet and add it to the list to the right (Edit Page). If you're unsure, ask your department manager for assistance. Use this ID in data 3/value 2 in your _door_info object.

(2) Drop the _door_info object.

(3) Set the room's script to 10283 (CHANGE_ROOM_SCRIPT 10283)

Remember: if the room already had a script in it, edit your _door_info object so that the previous room script number is in data3/value5. This is known as a passthrough room script.

Lock ID
Altaire's home
Grunthor's fundraiser chest
No key, unlockable box from treasure system
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