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Script  Room name [#number] (any comments)
------  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
387     Cal'Ziz general store [412] (closed)
492     Munis' Bag Emporium [2778] (closed, merchant)
583     Squicht's Inn [4730]
586     Dipple's Tavern [154]
771     Mackalvee [3342] (closed, quest)
806     Pawn shops:
        Crystal Caverns, Mardswarth's Pawn Shop [431]
        Semanri, Petyr's Pawnshop [635]
        Cal'Ziz, Aarudin's Pawnshop [2048]
        Hissan's Pawnshop, Front Room [2900]
1016    Gembuyers:
        Crystal Caverns, Jeweler [31]
        Crystal Caverns, Merkush's Gems [430]
        V'Rung, Jeweler [1810]
        Semanri, Jeweler [2768]
1038    Miscellaneous shops:
        Crystal Caverns, This 'n That [32]
        Petyr's Pawn Shop, Back Room [636]
1041    Roylat's Weapons and Armor (old script, not actually used in any room)
1102    Bartle's Armor [149] (old store, new equipment store in room 5711)
1103    Gaddle's Forge [148] (old script, changed to catalog, store updated to 1264)
1130    Fine Garments Of Semanri [147]
1254    Aezea's gems (old script, not actually used in any room)
1264    Standard stores:
        Xoth Valdahus, Crystal Caves [15] (closed)
        Redfist's Findings, Ladies Wear [37] (closed)
        Redfist's Findings, Men's Wear [38] (closed)
        Redfist's Findings, The Arsenal [39] (closed)
        Redfist's Findings, The Jewelry Box [40] (closed)
        Semanri, General Store [146]
        Semanri, Master Bladesmith Gaddle's Forge [148]
        Incognito, Salesroom [150]
        Semanri, Jaydefire's Trinkets and Knickknacks [151]
        Crystal Caverns, Marlain's Concoctions and Goods [418]
        Cal'Ziz, Bakery [511]
        Cal'Ziz, Toolin's Tavern [627]
        Bangles And Baubles [940]
        Semanri, The Love Potion [1033]
        Fanciful Glitters And Things, Main Room [1077] (closed, incomplete?)
        Bertilda's Pavilion [1344] (closed, incomplete)
        Bramblethorn Tavern, Main Room [1584]
        Warrior's Warehouse, Armory [1585] (closed)
        Warrior's Warehouse, Clothing [1586] (closed)
        D'Mare Fin, Khav'r's Gallery D'Armor [1591]
        All That Glitters, Inside The Tent [1598] (closed, festival)
        Godly Accolades, The Realm of Light [1599] (closed, festival)
        Prisms, Selkan Grasslands [1600] (closed, festival)
        The Brotherhood of Arms [1620] (closed, festival)
        The Wish Factory [1621] (closed, festival)
        Godly Accolades, The Realm of Neutrality [1622] (closed, festival)
        Godly Accolades, The Realm of Shadow [1623] (closed, festival)
        Feona's Fine Fashions, Front Room [1624] (closed, festival)
        Feona's Fine Fashions, Dressing Room [1625] (closed, festival)
        Feona's Fine Fashions, Armory [1626] (closed, festival)
        The Tiny Dancer [1628] (closed, festival)
        The Dashing Swordsman Men's Wear [1629] (closed, festival)
        Bladell's Workshop [1631] (closed, festival)
        The Artisan Evan's, Rings of Distinction [1632] (closed, festival)
        Selken Grasslands, Behind A Caravan [1636] (closed, festival)
        Bramblethorn Tavern, Backroom (Brandywine's Smoke Shop) [1801]
        V'Rung, Armory [1805]
        V'Rung, Warrior's Tavern [1808]
        V'Rung, Jeweler's Backroom [1811]
        Freida's Fru Fru, Men's Wear [2203]
        Freida's Fru Fru, Ladies' Accessories [2205]
        Bashnook's Smoke Shoppe [2775]
        Tarryn The Cobbler's, Salesroom [2800]
        Crystal Caverns, Varin's General Store, Main Room [3539]
        Crystal Caverns, Varin's General Store, Back Room [3541]
        Semanri, Aezaza's Gems [3557] (closed)
        Cleared Trail, Entrance to Festival Grounds [3648] (closed, festival)
        Green Striped Tent, Milosh's Food and Drinks [3665] (closed, festival)
        Grey Tent, Toreth Rockjaw's Armory [3667] (closed, festival)
        Yasmyna's Fashions, For the Lasses [3668] (closed, festival)
        Blue Wagon, Mirella's Jewelry [3669] (closed, festival)
        Orange Tent, Trulinda's Makeup [3670] (closed, festival)
        Orange Tent, Mikael's Tattoos [3671] (closed, festival)
        Yasmyna's Fashions, Wagon Entrange [3672] (closed, festival)
        Patched Tent, Tshurkin's Containers [3673] (closed, festival)
        White Wagon, Marlinka's Outerwear and Footwear [3674] (closed, festival)
        A Wildly Colored Wagon, Timerik's Novelties [3675] (closed, festival)
        Yasmyna's Fashions, For the Lads [3676] (closed, festival)
        Yellow Tent, Creative Home Interiors [3677] (closed, festival)
        Saisha's Flea Market [3678] (closed, festival)
        Bramblebrook, Primrose Walk [4003]
        Freida's Fru Fru, Ladies' Main Wear [4063]
        Bramblebrook, Furrier's Workshop [4066]
        D'Mare Fin, A Romance in Time [4170]
        Ocean's Breeze, Dining Room [4181]
        Ocean's Breeze, Tavern [4183]
        The Port Authority on Fine Clothing, Main Room [4604]
        The Port Authority on Fine Clothing, Gentlemen's Wear [4605]
        The Port Authority on Fine Clothing, Ladies' Wear [4606]
        Sal va'Taer Forest, Turric The Bowyer's [4827]
        Patchwork Yurt, Clothes Rrr Us [4965]
        Tes'Kata North Market Square, Beside A Gnome's Table [4966]
        Tes'Kata Arms, Inside The Tent [4967]
        Deagram's Armory, Inside The Wagon [4968]
        Cymlyn's Spell Shoppe [5334]
        Azilarir's Caravan, Hall Of Arms [5544] (closed, seasonal)
        Azilarir's Caravan, Jewelry Showcase [5546] (closed, seasonal)
        Azilarir's Caravan, Mystical Platform [5547] (closed, seasonal)
        Azilarir's Caravan, Fine Clothing [5548] (closed, seasonal)
        Gypsy's Fortunes, Inside The Tent [5566] (closed, seasonal)
        Fanciful Glitters And Things, Mask Room [5585] (closed, incomplete?)
        Fanciful Glitters, Backroom [5586] (closed, incomplete?)
        The Mystic Strobe, Candle-Lit Store Room [5710]
        Semanri, Bartle's Armor [5711]
        Semanri, The Forge [5721]
1637    Zackilten's Legacy shack [3434] (closed, quest)
9041    Test (old script, not actually used in any room)
10023   Furriers:
        Cal'Ziz, Tomark's Tannery [279]
        Crystal Caverns, Maggelford's Peltry [432]
        V'Rung, Peltry [1807]
        Bramblebrook, Furrier's Shop [4065]
        Semanri, Graklor's Pelts and Stuff [5539]
10204   Dark Tunnel, Black Market [5580]
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