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Background information on Telin:
Telin is a port city on the Bay of Despair, situated between the Sea of Storms and the Sea of Becalm. The Bay fluctuates between horrendous storms and bouts of no wind, either of which can happen at any time. This has resulted in many a ship or boat being sunk (hence the name). Telin is home to many Dwarven merchants and Gnome engineers, as well as Humans and a lot of half-humans. The Docks of Telin are near legendary, as they team with activity, mostly through large Gnomish contraptions, cranes, automatons and the like. When weather permits, a great many items are sent by ship to a dock near the city of V'Rung. Caravans also move in and out of this city, carrying all sorts of Dwarven and Gnomish made goods. Also, the Bay is well known for its pearls, but any pearl diving trip could be the last for the diver and any crew. This makes the pearls much more valuable than normal. Seafood, packed in dry ice (another Gnomish invention, via alchemy) is shipped to all the other parts of the Confederation.

Posted on 11/17/2003:
Telin is a coastal city like D'Mare Fin, but out on a peninsula. Farther away from the safety of Semanri, this place is far from the peaceful, beautiful D'Mare Fin. We'll have sailors/pirates, mercenaries, etc. frequenting this place as a result. We may even move the Thief's guild out there. I expect Telin to have the same personality as Mos Eisley does in Star Wars and the exterior city rooms (streets, town center, piers, etc.) to be composed of about 40-50 rooms.

Updated on 12/22/2003:
Project has 49 rooms and layout is finished with rooms already linked in game (as shown below). No placement for sailor's guild yet, which will likely be added later after this area has been released.

Project sections:

  1. PROJECT :: Baslin Lane (player housing) and attached dock, 7 rooms
  2. PROJECT :: Government Buildings (including interiors), 8 rooms (possibly more depending on interior sizes)
  3. PROJECT :: Commerce Square (exteriors only, no shops) 12 rooms
  4. PROJECT :: Commerce Square shops (interiors only, no shops), 7 rooms (possibly more depending on interior sizes and if we add more shops)
  5. PROJECT :: Sand Dollar Road and attached docks, 11 rooms
  6. PROJECT :: Main Street and bank interior, 6 rooms
  7. PROJECT :: Kexralite Way and south arch (city exit), 5 rooms
  8. PROJECT :: Bloodtear Avenue, 5 rooms
  9. PROJECT :: Pirate Guild (interior only), 5-12 rooms (depending on builder preference)

Room reservations: 528-532, 600, 655, 932, 973-992, 997-998, 1017, 1026, 1076-1079, 1173-1174, 1178-1186, 1213-1215 (click here for comprehensive search of room names containing the word 'Telin')


Telin map (Visio, Zipped)
Southern Trade Confederation background details (Word)
Map Section (click for full-sized map)
Room Layout (click for full-sized map)
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