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Data3 Values and Descriptions

material that is carvable1       
instrument that can be used to carve something2       
hooks (Invader's Quest)3       
harness (Invader's Quest)4       
herbs (alchemy)5herb ID      
empty vial6       
healing potion (alchemy7       
spell scroll8       
caravan object9       
twine (Invader's Quest10       
acid (alchemy)11       
weapon with acid on it13       
weapon with Magic Weapon spell on it14       
climbable object15       
key16lock ID it opens      
canvas (Invader's Quest)17       
poles (Invader's Quest)18       
hanglider (Invader's Quest)19       
auto-wear for CMS21       
trap on a container22trap IDlockpick DC (0=unlocked, 99999=unpickable)     
buyable from shop (for sale23       
animal companion24(see animal companion full specifications)
gem-cutter tools25       
lock26lock IDcurrently locked?doorway? (opposite, 1=no)lockpick DC (0=unpickable)   
feature hider27hiding features?      
inventory hider28 hiding inventory?     
feature AND inventory hider29hiding features?hiding inventory?hiding race/name/class?    
fountain to throw coins in31       
gemstone32grade cut todamage levelgem-cutting DC    
new vial system33filled withvial type     
heating object35       
Reserved for GM Astracon's charm bracelet stuff40       
Reserved for GM Astracon's charm bracelet stuff41       
Reserved for GM Astracon's charm bracelet stuff42       
chalice (for Zackilten's Quest)44       
debris object45PULLS remainingroom # leading to     
fire to throw trash into46       
NPC object interest48damage (0-100)value (1-100)alignment (0=good, 1=evil)    
scrap metal material49quantitymetal material ID     
metal barb50quantitymetal material ID     
metal spike51quantitymetal material ID     
metal blade52quantitymetal material ID     
fire (for forge)53       
guild roster81       
object is transparent (LOOK IN while closed)88       
book89book ID      
Vrulle's blazing armbands of speed90       
new alchemy item91item type (0=material, 1=prepared, 2=result)material/preparation/result ID     
alchemy object used to EXTRACT92       
alchemy object used to BOIL93       
alchemy object used to DILUTE (water)94       
custom object (purchasable from store, for sale)100object ID      
Reserved to GM Astracon101       
Reserved to GM Astracon102       
Reserved to GM Astracon103       
Reserved to GM Astracon104       
Reserved to GM Astracon105       
Reserved to GM Astracon106       
Reserved to GM Astracon107       
Reserved to GM Astracon108       
Reserved to GM Astracon109       
shield with cover140percent covered      
auto-loading crossbow (magical!)141       
mining pick/shovel143damage (0-100)type (0=shovel, 1=pick)     
pipe144fuel typeheat levelburn cycleslit time   
tobacco of some kind145fuel type      
brush or comb object146       
crossbow ammunition147       
arrows ammunition148       
sling ammunition149       
Obie's GO exit thingie150       
Item for sale with limited inventory151Item IDMode (0=limited inventory, 1=gets more expensive)     
bandage or something152       
absorb stone153spell #      
ancient artifact154       
bandages (real), for TEND command160# left      
cold storage container (prevents decay)170       
stolen item (looted, etc.)171time stolen      
poison to be permanently applied to a weapon172poison type (1 = toxin, 2 = poison, 3 = venom, 4 = refined venom)      
acid to be permanently applied to a weapon173acid type (1 = dissolvent, 2 = acid)      
auto-delete when removed (via grave)174(script-specific)      
arrows ammunition (stingers)175       
ethereal items176countdownhow long they last (seconds)     
animal companion food177food category      
mood charm178player ID it's affected bymood type     
furniture sold at a store (pending HOME FURNITURE)179      data3/value1 displacement
item that can be used to HARVEST with180       
real magical device200spell #DC to identify     
creation system resource/material201resource #      
creation system interim202resource #      
imbuable item203used slotstotal slots     
imbued resource204player ID(effect codes stored in data5 row)     
troll regeneration item2050 = off, 1 = on      
redemption voucher/token300player IDevent ID     
juggle item320       
gem pouch330CapacityItem Count     
raw wool350Amount in ozQualityID    
processed wool351Amount in ozQualityType    
sheers for wool harvest352Durability      
spinning wheel354DurabilityQuality     
yarn355Amount in ozQualityWeightPly   
Fiber Crafting Tool356DurabilityQualityType 1=knitting needles, 2=loom, 3=crochet hook    
wool combs357DurabilityQualityType    
fiber crafted item358IDProgressQuality    
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