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Fiber Crafting is a system designed by GD Autumn. It works in the following ways.

'Wool Collection'

Collecting wool is accomplished by the player going out in the world and finding a suitable animal (sheep, goat, rabbit, etc), and then using their sheers (SHEER command) on the animal. Sheer quality makes a difference in the raw material gathered, as does animal type. Certain breeds of sheep, for example, have better quality wool than what others do and so on. Collection of wool will show how much, in ounces, the player has acquired, as well as the quality of the wool itself.

Players can APPRAISE their wool to get this information again.

'Wool Processing'

We can't make it THAT easy, can we? Players also have to use various tools (such as wool combs) to process their fiber. This turns their raw wool into some processed wool. Processing the wool picks out all of the plant material, etc, in the wool as well as gets it all nice and aligned for spinning.

'Wool Spinning'

Once players have their processed wool, they can then begin to spin. Players must have their processed wool in one hand, as well as a spindle or spinning wheel. As players spin their wool, they will be able to look at their spinning implement to see just how much they have completed. Players have to remove the wool from their spinning device and will be rendered with some "single ply yarn".

Players can spin their single ply yarn to make it "some double ply yarn", and so on, up to triple ply yarn.

Players can attempt to spin their yarn for weights - fine (hardest), light, medium, heavy (easiest). (lace, fingering, worsted, bulky basically, but I think these are more modern terms).

'Knitting Yarn'

Players can take their completed yarn, and attempt to make projects with it. They will need some knitting needles or other implement and will have to KNIT (or other term) OBJECT WITH MY YARN with their yarn in one hand and needles in the other. This will start them knitting the item.

Items will require a certain amount of completion and yarn (as listed in the database) to complete. Skill will determine whether or not they can do the object, as listed by a DC. Failed attempts will result in a degrade in quality (objects start 100, and will go down from there. Crit success can improve quality).

Players can start and stop projects, as progress is tracked on the item itself.

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