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(see Metal IDs & Properties for a reference to metal materials)

GemAKAColorsMagical Properties
abalonesea shells  
agatecarnelian when red-orangemay be any colorAgate is said to enchance one's perceptiveness and to stimulate analytical capacity.
albite whiteAlbite is said to give courage and confidence when confronting the unknown.
alexandrite greenAlexandrite is said to provide confidence, to increase self-esteem
amazonite white to pale yellow, salamander, green or blueAmazonite is said to enhance creativity and the ability to express oneself.
amethyst violet to purpleAmethyst is said to bring serenity and calm.
angelskin coralmost valuable coralpink 
apatite blueApatite is said to enhance one's insight, learning abilities, and creativity
aquamarine blue to blue-green to sea-greenAquamarine has been used as a charm by sailors for protection while at sea.
aquamarine cat eye aquamarine 
aventurine blueBlue aventurine quartz is said to provide patience.
aventurine greenGreen aventurine quartz is said to give good luck in gambling.
bi-color tourmaline pink-greenBi-color tourmaline is said to dispell fear and grief.
bixbitered berylredBixbite is said to give harmony and compatability in relationships.
black diamond black 
black opal black to grey body color, brilliant color flashes 
black pearlsaltwater pearlsblackBlack pearls are for wishes of power.
black sapphire blackBlack sapphire is said to protect one from physical harm.
black tourmaline blackBlack tourmaline is said to provide protection from negativity from others.
bloodstone green with red flecksThe martyr's gem
blue diamond blue, blue-grey 
blue tourmaline blueBlue tourmaline is said to enhance one's intuition and perspective.
blue zircon blue-green 
blue-green opal blue-green, no flashes 
cat's eye quartz grey to green to yellow, also whiteCat's eye quartz is said to bring good judgement and provide deeper understanding.
celestite grey, grey-blue 
champagne diamond creamy champagne 
chrysoberyl cat eye   
citrine shades of yellow to reddish-orangeCitrine is said to be especially useful in stimulating one's mental capacities.
coral*'s are more valuable colorswhite, orange, *red, *black 
cream pearlsaltwater pearlsoff-whiteCream pearls are for wishes of success
crystal opal translucent body with flashes of color 
demantoid green 
diamondnatural diamondclear 
diopsidechrome diopsidedark green 
elestial quartzskeletal quartzgrey with multicolored clay inclusionsElestial quartz is said to be especially useful providing balance between heart and mind.
emerald deep green possibly w/blue tonesEmerald is said to instill and nurture mutual love and loyalty in marriage.
epidote green, dark green 
fire opal white to milky white with red flashes 
flourite green with white streaksFlourite is said to help release negative thoughts.
garnet yellow to orange to red to violetGarnets are said to bring success in business.
gold pearlfreshwater pearlssilky goldenGold pearls are for wishes of wealth.
grandite yellow 
gray diamond grey to yellowish-grey 
green diamond light green, yellow-green, dark green 
green sapphire greenGreen sapphire is said to strengthen loyalty and honesty.
green tourmaline greenGreen tourmaline is said to help bring peaceful sleep.
heliodorgolden berylpale yellow to yellow-orange to yellow-greenHelodor is said to make one more compassionate and sympathetic towards others.
hematite meatllic grey to blackHematite is said to enhance one's physical energy and vitality.
indicolite blue 
intense any color diamond may be intense 
iolite violet comprised of blue, clear and honey 
jadejadeite-translucent, nephrite-milkgreen 
jasper red, brown or yellowJasper is said to balance one's physical, emotional and intellectual states.
kunzite pale pink to lilac 
kyanite shakes of blue, also whiteKyanite is said to bring peace and tranquility, as well as to facilitate meditation.
lapis lazuliultramarinedeep blue, purplish-blue, greenish blueLapis is said to impart ancient knowledge and wisdom.
lavender pearlfreshwater pearlspastel lavenderLavender pearls are for wishes of love.
malachite green with white streaksMalachite is said to put one in tune with nature.
matrix opal orange body, brilliant color flashes 
moonstonebest is bluecolorless, grey, brown, yellow, green, pink, blue 
morganitepink berylpink, peach, rose or salmonMorganite is said to give patience.
obsidian black 
onyx glossy black 
peach pearlfreshwater pearlssoft pink-peach tonesPeach pearls are for wishes of health.
pearlsaltwater pearlswhite, tones of yellow, blue and greyWhite pearls are for wishes of wisdom.
peridotolivineolive green, green, yellowPeridot is said to bring healing and vitality to the whole body.
phantom quartzghost crystals, spectre crystals and shadow crystalsgreen, milky white, orange, red or purplePhantom quartz is said to help one understand the stages in life through which we evolve.
pink diamond pink to pink-purple 
pink sapphire pinkPink sapphire is said to inspire love.
prase opal green, no flashes 
purple diamond lilac to violet 
purple sapphire purplePurple sapphire is said to enhance one's spirituality
rainbow moonstone assorted colors 
rhodochrosite red 
rock crystal colorlessRock crystal is said to help induce meditative states.
rose quartz pale pink to rose redRose quartz is said to enhance one's compassion, patience and forgiveness.
rubellite maroon 
ruby pinkish red to redRuby is said to give courage and to stimulate leadership qualities.
samarskite velvety black to dark brown 
sapphire blueSapphire is said to eliminate confusion.
smoky quartzmorion if blackgrey to blackSmoky quartz is said to enhance survival instincts.
spinel rich red, pastel pink, blue or purple 
star ruby reddish pink 
star sapphire any of the sapphires may be starStar sapphire is said to bring good fortune in addition to the property of its color.
tanzanite blue 
tiger's eye   
topaz blue, yellow, orange, pink, pred, violetTopaz is said to be useful in the manifestation of a desired outcome.
tri-color tourmaline pink-red-purpleTri-color tourmaline is said to enhance one's willpower.
turquoise blue 
white diamond   
white sapphire colorlessWhite sapphire is said to inspire fairness and morality.
yellow diamond yellow to orange 
yellow sapphire yellowYellow sapphire is said to bring wisdom.
zircon orange to red 
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