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Item NameApplies ToCan Do NowBonuses
paladin'sNot WeaponsX+1 to Strength, +2 to Stamina, +1 to Wisdom, -1 to Agility, 50% less damage from Holy
druid'sNot WeaponsXSpells cost 10% less mana, +1 to Wisdom, +1 to Stamina
priest'sNot WeaponsX50% less damage from Unholy, +2 to Wisdom, +1 to Intelligence
healer'sNot WeaponsX5% bonus to XP
necromancer'sNot WeaponsX15% bonus to HP
scholar'sNot WeaponsX+5 to Intelligence, -2 to Stamina, -1 to Strength
wizard'sNot WeaponsX15% bonus to mana
martial artist'sNot WeaponsX+50% damage when barehanded
sailor'sNot Weapons +1 to Stamina, +1 to Agility, +2 to Coordination
bard'sNot WeaponsXSpells cost 10% less mana, +1 to Strength, +1 to Agility
Item NameApplies ToCan Do NowBonuses
berserkingWeaponsX-15 armor, adds 3-8 puncture damage, adds 5-7 slicing damage, adds 3-8 bludgeoning damage, halves all stuns, -3 Wisdom, -3 Intelligence
brawnyAllX+1 Strength, +1 Stamina
brilliantAll Halves all stuns against owner, radiates light (light source)
butcheringWeaponsXAdds 1-10 slicing damage (1d10)
cruelWeaponsXAdds 3-8 bludgeoning damage (1d6+2)
drivingWeaponsXAdds 2-5 puncture damage (1d4+1)
enforcedAll 10% les chance for item damage
glidingAllX+1 Ranged Attack Rating
goringWeaponsXAdds 1-6 puncture damage (1d6)
holyWeaponsXAlways/permanently blessed
obscureAllX+5 AC, -1 Intelligence, -1 Wisdom
ravagingWeapons 5% chance to stun target, adds 1-3 slicing damage (1d3)
repellantAllX+1 AC
roughArmor +2 AC, 5% less chance for item damage, -1 Agility
solidAll 20% less chance for item damage
unyieldingWeaponsX-2 AC, +2 Base Attack Bonus, adds 1-2 slice damage (1d2)
vengefulWeaponsX-1 AC, adds 4-11 puncture damage (1d8+3)
Item NameApplies ToCan Do NowBonuses
of aggressionAllX-3 Armor Rating, +2 Strength, +1 Agility
of ashesWeaponsXAdds 1-5 fire amage (1d5)
of briarsWeaponsXAdds 5-12 puncture damage (1d8+4)
of destinyAllX+10 Intelligence, -20% damage from Earth, -50% damage from Holy, -50% damage from Unholy
of enchancementAllXWeapons: +3 maximum damage Other: +1 Base Attack Bonus, +1 Armor
of focusAll +8 Concentration, +1 Intelligence, +1 Wisdom
of hasteWeaponsX-1 roundtime to use
of insightAllX+2 Wisdom
of judgementWeaponsX+50% damage against evil-aligned creatures
of lecheryweapons Steal 2 HP every successful strike
of magnificenceAllX+5% XP, +15% max HP, +15% max mana, +15 armor rating, +15 attack rating
of midnightAllX+5% mana
of oblivionWeaponsX+3 strength, -3 agility, +15 attack rating, +3 wisdom, +1d2 slicing, 1d4 puncture, 1d6+2 bludgeoning
of perforationWeaponsXAdds 3-8 puncture damage (1d6+2)
of projectionAll +2 Wisdom, +4 Bluff, +4 Diplomacy, -8 Disguise, +4 Intimidate
of radianceWeaponsXAdds 3-8 Holy damage (1d6+2)
of recuperationWeapons Gain 2 HP every successful strike
of refugeAllX+3 AC, -1 Agility, -1 Strength
of rejuvenationWeapons Gain 1 HP every successful strike
of reprievalWeaponsX-2 Base Attack Bonus, -2 maximum damage, +10 AC
of reversalAll +5 all skills, -15 top 5 skills
of revivalAllXDouble hit point regeneration rate, double mana regeneration
of shadowsAllX+10 Hide, +4 Move Silently
of slicingWeaponsXAdds 4-7 slicing damage (1d3+4)
of stabbingWeaponsXAdds 4-7 puncture damage (1d3+4)
of stabilityAllX+2 Wisdom, +1 Intelligence
of starlightAllX+25% mana
of sturdinessAll 15% less chance for item damage, +1 AC
of the boarAllX-2 Coordination, -1 Wisdom, -1 Intelligence, +4 Strength, -2 all skills
of the dragonAllX+12 Use Magical Device, +8 Combat Casting
of the eagleAll +8 Animal Empathy, +8 Handle Animal, +1 Coordination
of the foxAllX+3 Coordination, +10% Mana, -10 AC, -2 Strength
of the looterAllX+4 Pick Pockets, +4 Hide, +4 Move Silently
of the owlAllX+8 Spot, +8 Listen, +8 Search, +1 Wisdom, +1 Agility
of the spiderAllX+2 Agility, -1 Strength, +12 Climbing
of the spryAllX+2 Agility, -5 AC, +1 Intelligence, +1 Coordination
of the swiftAllX+2 Agility, +1 Coordination
of the thiefAllX+8 Pick Pockets, +8 Hide, +12 Open Locks, +1 Coordination, +1 Agility, -3 Wisdom
of the viperAll +2 Agility, -2 AC, -1 Strength, if weapon: 2% chance level 2 poison for 20 s.
of the wolfAll +8 Concentration, +8 Balance, +4 Jump, +1 Agility, +1 Strength
of thornsWeaponsXAdds 1-4 puncture damage (1d4)
of twilightAllX+10% mana


Rings:Applies To
iron hoopX
silver bandX
gold circletX
platinum ringX
ancient relicX
Armor:Applies To
quilted armorX
leather armorX
boiled leathersX
carapace armorX
full leathersX
studded leather 
ring mailX
scale mail 
chain mail 
brass breastplate 
splint mail 
steel cuirass 
plate mail 
field plate 
wizard armor 
full plate 
dragonscale armorX
Shields:Applies To
wooden bucklerX
small shieldX
steel bulwarkX
large defenderX
tower shieldX
spiked shieldX
platinum aegisX
Amulets:Applies To
shining chainX
shimmering trinketX
sparkling chokerX
glittering charmX
rune necklaceX
gemmed pendantX
glowing talismanX
jeweled amuletX
Gloves:Applies To
leather glovesX
chain glovesX
steel gauntletsX
warrior gauntletsX
Helms:Applies To
leather maskX
skull capX
visored helmX
full helmX
chain helmX
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