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(see Gems & Precious Materials for a reference to gems)

MM IDName of MetalPhysical PropertiesKnown Magical Properties
1Argalriteice-blue to white metalFreezing to the touch, used in making items associated with cold or frost
2Bauxite (Aluminum)dull silver colorNone
3Brassyellow metallic lusterNone
4Bronzedull yellow metallic lusterNone
5Cinnabarcinnamon to deep red colorNone
6Copperred-yellow color, oxidizes to green patinaNone
7Electrumsilver-gold colorUsed to make enchanted items. Holds Magic energies very well
8Goldlustrous yellow to white silverNone
9Irondull dark to black metal, rusts easilyNone
10Kexralitedull reddish-blackHeightens all senses and attributes of a person
11Leaddull silver-grey, very soft but heavyNone
12Loadstonegrey to grey-brownNaturally magnetic
13Luminiteclear to silvery crystalMetallic crystal formed near some volcanoes. It has the ability to hold spells that produce light for an almost indefinite period of time
14Lusterlitelustrous mirror-like silverInhibits all known corrosives, gives a lustrous shine to any metal coated with it
15Magnitered to red-black metalRetains heat well, used in making items that will use fire. Gets stronger with heating
16Mithrillustrous silver to blue-silverUsed by Elves and some Dwarves to make magical items. Holds magic well
17Nagyagitelustrous dark lead-grey to blackKnown as "grey gold" to Dwarves, it is used in making items associated with Necromancy
18Nickelshiny silver-greyNone
19Orinitedull dark brown, grey or blackNamed for the Dwarf that first discovered it, Orini Deepdelve, this metal is very heavy, even moreso than lead, used for making items with Earth magic
21Silverlustrous silverNone
22Steelgrey-silver, iron mixed with carbonNone
23Sylvanitegreenish-gold or greenish-silverUsed by Elves to make some magical items, especially associated with Life magics
24Telluriumbright steel grey to silver grey to almost whiteHolds magical energies for short periods of time
25Tindull greyNone
26Titaniumgrey (prismatic when exposed to aether)Used for some weapons and armor due to strength of metal, holds magic energies fairly well
27Venuriumsickly green to pale greenish-greyImpervious to all known acids. It is commonly used, as a result, in the fashioning of items that hold and/or use acid
28Zagyniumshiny blue-silverHolds aether (electrical) charges, used in magical items dealing with lightning, or aether
29Zincwhite to grey-whiteNone
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