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Library: RareMaterials

All of these materials must be supplied by players in order to be used in alterations.

StormsilkCarefully woven, the gray material appears to crackle with energy with any slight movement, reminiscent of lightning. Upon closer inspection it becomes apparent that the fabric has been shot through with various metallic threads, giving it an electrifying appearance with every reflection. 
Fae silk Also know as fae-woven silk or fae-spun silk. Description can include 'woven by fae hands'. Material shimmers like dew.
Autumn's harvest sapphireComposed of various hues of red, gold, and brown, the stone shifts through the colors of a fall, offering up splashes of green in the very center when the light catches it just right. 
Celestial Opal  
Frost EmeraldA rich green hue with silver flecks, some clouding along the edges that give it its frosty name 
Eventide OpalRich dusky purple washes over the surface of the gem, broken up by the play of sunset hues across the stone's face as any available light diffracts within it. 
Rainbow Tourmaline  
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