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1. Launch/start Microsoft Outlook 2000. If this is this the first time you are using Outlook, you may see a welcome or wizard window. Close it.

2. Go up to Tools -> Accounts

3. Click Add -> Mail

4. Enter your title and character name. Do not use your real name and do not abbreviate, please.

5. Enter your e-mail address, which should be 'short title', hyphen, 'staff name' (as seen in the example below):

6. Both mail servers are

7. Enter your login ID and password using the standard format (example below)

8. The default response is generally the correct one. This prompt depends on your internet connection type.

9. Click Finish

10. Select the new mail account and choose Properties

11. Update the Organization field and any other field you'd like to update on this page

12. Check on My server requires authentication

13. Some I.S.P.s do not block you from accessing mail servers that are not their own. If you are not blocked, then you are done. Stop here.

14. If your I.S.P. blocks you from accessing SMTP port 25, change it to 4425.

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