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Using Yahoo! to read your Eaxia staff e-mail

1. Using your prefered web browser, log into your Yahoo! mailbox at

2. Click on "Mail Options".

3. Click on "Mail Accounts".

If you are setting up your account, continue to step 4. If you are only checking your mail and have already set up your account, skip to step 7.

4. Click on the "Add Mail Server" button.

5. Fill out the form using the following information:

Mail Account Server
Mail Account Username
Should be the username assigned to you by Exxy.
Mail Account Password
Should be the password assigned to you by Exxy.
Port Number
Should be 110
Download to Folder
This automatically has "Inbox" selected, but you may alternately configure messages downloaded from your Eaxia mail account to be sent to a different folder instead.
Leave mail on POP server
Should be unchecked.
Retrieve new messages only
Should be unchecked.
Use Filters
This is automatically checked, but you may optionally set this to however you prefer. This setting is explained in further detail at the Yahoo! Mail website, under Options -> Filters.
:This is the color that Yahoo! will use to highlight messages downloaded from the Eaxia server. This helps you identify which e-mails are from which e-mail account.

6. Click on the "OK" button to add the mail account.

7. Click on "Check Mail" next to the account.

8. Click on "Check Mail" from the menu on the left to return to your Inbox.

9. Any downloaded messages from the Eaxia mail server for your account will appear here. Here is an example we downloaded and read:

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