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What is a script?

Eaxia Development Server:

Eaxia Development Server
Remote management of the Eaxia Development Server


Systems Projects

Systems Department Downloads:

QuickCoder v1.01
EaxiaSEL script search and edit utility for offline development
1.00, 06/15/2004: first release
1.01, 06/07/2005: added Help -> EaxiaSEL Reference
1.01, 06/07/2005: added search status
QuickCoder v1.12
GameDirector version (see Exxy for password)
1.10, 11/24/2005: added upload/download capability directly to the live server
1.11, 11/25/2005: fixed some ambiguous error messages
1.12, 11/25/2005: added Select button and auto-select capabilities

EaxiaSEL Reference:

EaxiaSEL Lectures:

11/08/2005 (introduction to EaxiaSEL)
11/22/2005 (events system, basic object scripts)
12/03/2005 (room scripts, room events, binary system and math)
06/19/2001 (OLD / OUTDATED)
11/06/2001 (OLD / OUTDATED)
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