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In general, a GameMaster who is a member of one department specializes in developing projects that are best suited for the department they are a member of. For example, Area Development GameMasters will primarily develop rooms, areas, shops, and other similar projects. We allow GameMasters to be members of more than one department at their request, provided they have the qualifications, interest, and availability to dedicate their time and skills to all departments they are a member of.

We have a centralized database of open projects that interactively lets all game staff participate in projects as well as allowing staff members to update the details of projects they are involved in. This makes it very easy for our GameDirectors (managers) to create projects that everyone will be aware of as well as making it convenient for you to participate in only the projects that interest you.

Project status is often discussed on the staff section of the forums. Occasionally GameDirectors will also have meetings, to help brainstorm and develop ideas and concepts.

All projects should always have the full approval of the responsible GameDirector before (1) any development is started, (2) developed project details are given to players, and (3) changes are made to the live gaming environment. All projects are to be checked by a GameDirector for quality control purposes which always include checks for spelling and grammar but also include checks for compatibility, conformity, and conflicts of interest. We want to ensure the highest gaming environment possible for our players.

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