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In order to be an alterer, you must already have full knowledge of items, as it will require working directly on them. Being an alterer does not require that you have a shop. Most alterers don't have a shop, although some choose to have storefront: a room that looks like a shop, but there is nothing to buy and there is no shop catalog or data. (more on stores)

When altering items, you must take extreme caution because the end result will go into the live game immediately. If it's wrong, and players see it, you won't be able to go back in time and erase their memory. And it would be very disruptive and out of character for a GM to have to summon a player back in order to correct a problem. Please just be absolutely certain of what you're doing before you do it: double check all your item flags, check your text for typos, and ensure that what you've created is physically possible.

For example it would be impossible to have a purse made from a misty chain of clouds, because clouds, over time, would dissipate. This an impossible item because it could not always exist. You cannot have butterflies that fly around, but you can have fake butterflies attached to the item that appear to fly around when shaken or moved.

It would be out of character to have an N'Sync t-shirt. Bad example, I know, but just remember to keep real life items out of the game. This is very out of character and is disruptive to the game play environment because it distracts the player who sees this from their setting and reminds them that this could not realistically occur in Eaxia.

You cannot alter an item that has a script attached to it. There are complications that can arise from doing so. While this may not happen with all items, in order to be fair to all players, all items must be treated the same so as to not create an unfair situation where one player was able to have theirs altered yet another was not.

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