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Champion accounts are awarded one free alteration each month. Whoever is currently in charge of processing the requests that are received will be forwarded emails containing everything you need to know, from the account and character name, to the item look, read, and description they desire. It is up to the GM or GD in charge of these alterations to ensure they follow the current rules presented to the players, which you may read by clicking here. It is up this staff member to communicate with the player if the item is not acceptible as presented, or if clarification is needed. All Presence-trained staff will know the proper etiquette to use when communicating with a player, whether it be in-game or via email.

In order to make and present the item to the player after you've worked out the QC, first go to the Champion account alterations claim area, which is room 5660. A special command called CREATEBAG works in this room only.

Type CREATEBAG <person> (whether or not they're in game, it will search the database for them). This will create a bag for them in your hand with all the right flags and special player ID (so no one else can grab it).

Create the alteration and put it in the bag, QDROP it, and you're done.

If the player is in-game, you will need to notify them. Here is a suggested method:

pecho PLAYERNAME [Your champion alteration has been processed and the item is waiting for you in the pickup area. At Semanri, South Town Square, type GO CHAMPION ALTERATIONS and then HELP for instructions on retrieval. Should you require further assistance, feel free to ASSIST or REPORT requesting for more help.]

You could also send them an email if they are not in-game at the time.

FAQ Regarding Champion Account Alterations

  • Alteration credits do not allow for modification of the coding of an item or the creation of an item with coding.
    • ie. No magic/no verbs
  • Alterations may use any materials in existence (subject to staff approval) that does not infer magical properties (ie ensyiatite and mithril)
    • If the player requests a weapon of special metal (adamantine or titanium), the weapon will not possess adamantine or titanium properties (will only be as good as steel) UNLESS the player already possess such a weapon and simply wants to alter the existing item. In this case, the player must mention that they wish to alter an existing item in the claim form.
    • The reason the new/altered items cannot possess the heightened stats is that this gives Champion Account subscribers an in-game advantage over other players, which is an unfair and unintended use of the alteration credits.
  • When altering an existing item, it is possible to alter the appearance (within reason). This means a ring can be altered to look like another ring, but cannot be made into a bracelet or necklace, etc. etc.
    • ie A rose, is a rose, is a rose. Item type cannot be changed, only the description.
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