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Whoever is currently in charge of processing the lost item requests that are received will be forwarded emails containing everything you need to know about the player and the item(s). It is up to the staff to decide if the request is legitimate. Rest assured: Exxy researches each and every request before forwarding them on to staff for processing (unless the staff has the capability to research log files and etc. to verify this information themselves, in which case you would know).

Now, here's how to process them:

  1. Make a bag by typing CREATEBAG <player name>
  2. Put the player's stuff in the bag. Do not close it.
  3. Drop it in room 3023

If the player is in-game, send them a command to let them know. If they aren't, send them an email. Here is a suggested message to use:

PECHO playername [Your inventory has been restored and is waiting for you in the Lost Items area. Go to Semanri South Town Square, and GO LOST ITEMS. Should you require further assistance, feel free to ASSIST or REPORT requesting for more help.]

You should check back later in room 3023 and delete bags that have been emptied. (look in playername bag. delete playername bag. etc. Check to be sure it's empty first, obviously.)

Also, if players leave items on the ground, please pick them up and put them in the trash container located there.

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