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Aside from player assists, Presence is the department which deals largely with player interaction. Not only do we handle player events such as weddings and quests, but also role-playing events, random events, and just about anything else that involves staff interaction with players. As a result, it is very important that we follow certain guidelines.

GameMaster and player interaction takes place not through our staff characters, but other, more creative ways. One of these ways is through NPCs (non player characters). GMs can also create PCs (player characters) and use them to interact with players under certain circumstances. There are so many ways to interact and have fun: the key is really creativity and coming up with new and fun ways to interact.

All interaction needs to be pre-planned and approved: there are no exceptions. This may sound like it could take some of the spontaniety out of the event, but you must consider the fact that when you bring players into the mix, the results of the planned event are suddenly unpredictable. A Game Director, in this instance the Presence GD, needs to go over any planned ideas and be sure there are no unforseen circumstances. If a GD tells you that some details need to be changed, rest assured that this is not with the intention to pick on anyone; this is often necessary in order to ensure that your plan works smoothly and that it blends in with the rest of the game environment as it should.

Always feel free to communicate any problems or concerns, questions, or just some fun thoughts you may have. It is important to keep generating fun things for players so that there are interesting things to do, but also in order to keep the game "alive". By this I mean making our virtual world seem more realistic by having things happen. We want it to be fun for everyone - both players AND staff! :) So have fun with what you choose to do. It is work, and should be treated as such, but it should be enjoyable in the process.

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