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The Eaxia Development Server ("Dev. Server") runs on a server on the Eaxia network. You can log into this server to remote-control it, start and stop the dev server, develop and test scripts, and work in MySQL without interfering with the live game data.

The dev server runs on port 102 (whereas the live game runs on port 347). To log into the dev server, either use = a telnet client or modify a .SAL file to connect to the appropriate port. Please note that on the dev server, ALL passwords for every account are set to eaxdevmode, including your own. This is for security and privacy purposes.

The dev server FTP uses only one user/password and is on a different port. Please obtain this information from Exxy.

Your browser will need to support Java applets in order to use this remote feature. Mozilla FireFox is a very user-friendly web browser that supports Java.

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