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A script is a file containing special programming that is used to extend the functionality and use of various mechanics in the game. Each script file is named according to an index, assigning each with a unique number. This number can be assigned to rooms, objects, players, and NPCs to customize the way they look, feel, and operate in the game. For example, scripts can cause objects to randomly display messages, cause healing or harmful effects, or prohibit characters of a specific race from using an item. Objects that use a script are refered to by 'having a script' on them and should be treated differently than other items.

You should never experiment with scripts. Even accidently attaching a script to an object, room, etc. can be devastating to the game and will 'VERY LIKELY cause the game to crash (system failure) within minutes to hours. Such game crashes are difficult to recover from, so please exercise extreme caution with any field that involves script data. Setting the script value to '0' (zero) on any object, player, room, etc. clears the currently-active script, removing it.

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